Jenkki Professional Freshmint full xylitol chewing gum 90g



"Jenkki Professional (earlier called XyliFresh) is world's first 100 % xylitol chewing gum and was first used in the Belize studies. After the very positive study results Leaf launched it at the beginning of 1990.

According to long lasting clinical studies Jenkki Professional helps promote remineralisation, helps prevent cavities, and even helps reduce build-up of plaque.

Leaf's Jenkki Professional chewing gum has been the first to receive the approval of the council evaluating medicinal products, making it Finland's first official functional food stuff in year 2000. Numerous clinical tests have shown that Jenkki Professional, when used correctly (5g/day) prevents dental caries and is remineralising, i.e., corrects damage to the enamel already under progress. Studies also show that Jenkki Professional reduces children's ear infections."

Sweeteners: xylitol (68% of the total weight), the mass of gum base (contains soya lecithin), thickeners (arabic gum), flavoring (peppermint, etc.), color (E171), humectant (glycerol), flavor enhancer (E950), emulsifier (E471), glazing agent ( carnauba wax), antioxidant (E321)

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