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Pommac is a high-quality and traditional mixed fruit soft drink for everyday and festive occasions. Pommac’s inimitable taste is created by an original, decades-old recipe that involves maturing a drink concentrate in oak barrels for three months. Pommac is known to be the only soft drink whose raw material is matured in oak barrels. Pommac is not as sweet as other soft drinks.

Made from real fruits and berries, Pommac is the oldest soft drink still made in our country. Pommac has been made in Sweden since 1919, the drink first arrived in Finland in the early 1930s. The drink has kept its surface to this day and has been among the ten most popular soft drinks in Finland for years.

Pommac Light

A light version of the classic Pommac drink.


Ingredients: Water, soft drink concentrate (acidity regulator E330, fruit concentrate, natural flavors, color E150d), carbon dioxide, flavoring agents E950, E951, acidity regulator E331, preservative E202

Nutritional content

Nutritional value per 100 ml% RDA *
Energy content (kJ) 5
Fat (g) = 0.0000.00
which you are satisfied with. fatty acids (g) ~ 0.0000.00
Carbohydrates (g) = 0.2000.00
of which sugars (g) = 0.200
Dietary fiber (g) = 0.0000.00
Protein (g) = 0.0000.00
Salt (g) ~ 0.00000,000
* daily intake reference value

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