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Hartwall Lemonade Apple is one of the most unique and traditional soft drinks on the market. Carefully nurtured, the recipe, which originates in Vyborg from the time of the armistice, guarantees the product a soft, round and balanced taste that is almost impossible to imitate. Hartwall Lemonade Apple has its own unwavering consumer base that knows how to appreciate the taste of a unique, dark soft drink. The drink originally came from Eastern Finland, but with the expansion of the packaging selection and distribution, it has also found its way to other parts of Finland. Today, Hartwall Lemonades include not only Apple but also Pear and Raspberry.


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, color E150c, preservatives E211, E202, flavorings, acidity regulator E330.

Nutritional content

Nutritional value per 100 ml% RDA *
Energy content (kJ) 170
Fat (g) = 0.0000.00
which you are satisfied with. fatty acids (g) ~ 0.0000.00
Carbohydrates (g) = 10.0000.00
of which sugars (g) = 10,000
Dietary fiber (g) = 0.0000.00
Protein (g) = 0.0000.00
Salt (g) ~ 0.00000,000
* daily intake reference value

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