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Christmas tea calendar for even the most experienced tea professional. In the Forsman tea calendar, you can find 25 hatches. There are 23 biodegradable pyramid teabags in this calendar. There are also two blooming tea roses in this wonderful product that you can find. There is a tea surprise every morning until Christmas eve. There are 16 different kinds of teas in this astonishing calendar.

You can find all kinds of tea treats on this calendar. The selection of teas includes black-, green-, and herbal teas. You can even find some Rooibos in this selection. All these teas have been chosen by our great leader himself Ari Santamäki who has been a tea expert for over 30 years. He has traveled the world to find the best combination of flavor and teas to fit the miracle of Christmas brilliantly.

So you can expect exciting combinations of flavors that anyone can enjoy that will bring out the best of us during this wonderful time that is Christmas.


Me too: Rooibos with strawberry milkshake flavour. Ready to go?: Rooibos with banana and vanilla flavours. You''ll see: Rooibos with chocolate cake flavour. Tangy trick: Rooibos with lemon cheesecake flavour.

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