Finlayson Starmoomin small oven mitt

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The Tähtimuumi pot glove protects from heat and brightens up the look of the kitchen.

Moomins have many reasons to celebrate. In 2020, the Moomins will celebrate their 75th anniversary and Finlayson will celebrate its 200th anniversary. In Tähti Moomin patterns in Moomin Valley, a big August party is organized in honor of finding Moominamma's lost handbag. Tiuhti and Viuhti have got the place of honor on the table as the bag finders. Tables wobble and rockets flash in the sky in the dark summer night. Tiuhti and Viuhti decide to liven up the party even more by revealing the royal ruby ​​in their suitcase, which immediately enchants the entire party crowd.

The outer fabric of the Tähti Moomin blanket is half panama woven from 100% cotton, which makes the fabric thick and snappy. The wadding in the filling is pleasantly flexible and heat resistant. The fabric has a convenient easy care treatment, which makes it easier to smooth the fabric after washing.

Hang the Tähtimoomin pot glove prominently from the hanging loop. Easily update the look of your kitchen and complement it into a balanced whole with other kitchen and tableware textiles from the same series.

With this pot holder, you can handle a hot pan without worry in the kitchen. Finlayson's blankets have been granted the CE mark, which means that the product has been tested to have sufficient protection against contact heat.

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