Elovena 700g wholegrain oat flakes and oat bran



Elovena oat flakes with added oat brans. Health beneficial oat meal porridge with oat brans that have high levels betaglugen in them which helps you lower your cholesterol level.

It has been discovered betaglugen also helps lowering the blood sugar and improves the digestion.

Oat contains quality fat, which is not only helping lower the blood cholesterol but also essential for well-being.

The carbohydrates in oat products help keeping the blood sugar steady longer. Oat also contains quality proteins, lots of minerals and also B- and E-vitamins.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommends that 1dl/50g of oat covers your daily dose of betaglugen. Many also say that this 3% betaglugen a day helps lower your overall cholesterol level by 5%

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