Blå Band Lämmin Kuppi Salmon soup 3x2dl



Lämmin Kuppi Salmon is delicious, drinkable soup. Do you desire something good, or do you miss cheering up? Boil water and enjoy a cup at home or at work – indoors or outdoors.

Starch (corn and potatoes), maltodextrin, vegetable fat, salt, glucose syrup, cream powder, onion powder, yeast extract, spinach, milk protein, salmon powder [1.2%], flavor (contains fish), emulsifier (E 451), fish meal, colors (paprika, beta carotene), cayenne pepper, black pepper extract.

1 Empty the contents of the bag into the mug.
2 Add 2 ml boiling water and stir.
3 Stir thoroughly down to the bottom.

According to the instructions of manufactured product salinity is 0.7%.

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