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The magician rides his black panther in search of the world's largest ruby. His home is on the edge of the world in a house with no windows or doors. The magician’s passion is to collect gems, big and small. However, he has not found one ruby, the greatest and most beautiful of all - the King Ruby.

The Moomin Classics series showcases each character in the Moomin Valley, emphasizing his characteristic traits. The illustrations introduce the characters from the front and back and go on to tell the story of that particular character.

The classics series always consists of a mug, bowl and plate and the illustrations are repeated in these products. The format used is the Theme format designed by Kaj Frank.

Brighten the table setting by combining Moomin dishes in the table settings. Create an atmosphere with stories from different characters.
Designed by Tove Slotte.
The diameter of the bowl is 15 cm.
Suitable for use in oven, refrigerator, freezer and microwave.
Heat resistance up to 250 ° C.
Machine washable.

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