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The softwood extract of the refinery is a very strong and powerful double extract of Finnish pine. The most important raw material for softwood extract is young pine bark, which is gently collected by hand from the canopies of young pines growing in clean wild forests in Finnish Lapland. Due to its origin, the shell section is also the cleanest possible, as it has grown far from human settlement and industrial pollution. Thanks to its innovative shape, the product is very easy to use and plentiful. The daily dose contains 200 mg of pine bark extract, of which 100 mg is proanthocyanidins (OPC).


Water, alcohol (20%), pine bark extract

Recommended daily dose:  1 pipette (1 ml) twice a day

The product contains alcohol. By adding the extract to the boiling hot water, the alcohol evaporates if necessary.



Vesi, alkoholi (20 %), männynkuoriuute

Ravintosisältö (per 2 ml)

Suosittelemme tarkistamaan tuotteen allergeenitiedot aina myös tuotteen pakkauksesta.

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