AINU MAM Anti-colic Baby feeding bottle 260 ml


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Ainu MAM Anti-Colic feeding bottle teat is natural, soft and smooth, resembling the shape of mother's breast. Wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning the baby bottles.

Anti-Colic feeding bottle's excellent valve system does not allow air accumulate into the bottle when the child is wicking, so therefore no air can pass into the babys stomach. In this case, one component of colic can be minimized and increase the well-being of the baby.

Baby bottle containing water and milk teet. Dishwasher safe. BPA-free product.

Ainu feeding bottles MAM scale is easy to read and clear. Please note, however, that in the case of a prematurely born baby or a sick child with milk-quantities closely monitored, is a measure of drug use then recommended.

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