Aarikka – Winter Buddy Hiihtäjä red

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“I’m a Winter Buddy Skier and my favorite sport is of course skiing. I enjoy the winter postcard scenery and the atmosphere created by the snowy trees drawn against the blue sky. With a warm scarf around the neck and a tasseled beanie from the neck, no frostbite. Now ski! ”

The lovely, wooden Talvikaveri Siihtäjä table decoration repeats Aarikka's traditional round design language and elegantly simple design. The winter buddy Skier is suitable as a decoration for the table setting, as a setting for a window, as a gift for lovers of high-quality handicrafts, as well as for all skiers and those who enjoy winter.

Material: Maple, birch, felt. Height 8 cm.
Made by hand in Finland.

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