Order Instructions

Please read the user agreement before ordering. By ordering you agree to the terms of the user agreement.


1. Start by browsing the product list to find the products you wish to order.

You can add products to your shopping cart by clicking the Add to cart button

2. When you have added all the products you wish to buy to your shopping cart, go to the Shopping cart page. Ensure the shopping cart contains all the products you want and that the quantities are correct.

You can change the quantity of the products in the Quantity column and clicking Update cart -button. You can remove products from the shopping cart by marking the Remove box and clicking Update cart -button

3. Go to  Checkout to begin ordering. (Note: You can go back to change your order until you have clicked Confirm order -button.)

If you are not logged in the system will send you to the login page, where you can choose from "order without registration, or login with your account info.

4. Check that your shipping address is correct and change it if needed. Choose the delivery method from the list and click the Continue -button.
5. Check that the billing address is correct and change it if needed. Choose the payment method from the list and click the Continue-button.
6. Check your whole order and make changes if needed. When you are sure all the information in your order is correct, click Confirm order button.
7. Next you will be redirected to your credit card company page or your bank's online service, depending on the payment method you chose. Fill in the required information and confirm the payment (the information of the payment will be added automatically and the customer cannot change it).
8. IMPORTANT: After confirming the payment, do not close your browser, but return to the Suomikauppa.fi service using the link on your credit card company or online bank page. This will send our online store a message of a successful payment and your order is redirected to our order clerk. If you do not receive confirmation e-mail from your order please contact our customer service.

If you have problems ordering, please contact our customer service.

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