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Vaasa Grandma's Raisin Longcake 350 g



We deliver shipments containing fresh products on Monday of each week, so that the buns don't stay at customs or mail distribution centers over the weekend.

Place your order before 12 noon on Thursday, and the order containing fresh products will be delivered the following Monday. Orders received after this will be delivered on Monday of the following week.

We recommend ordering the buns with Express or Pika shipping within Europe and outside Europe only with Express shipping, because then the delivery times are not too long in terms of the bread's shelf life. As a general rule, fresh bread should not be ordered if the shipping time of the selected shipping method to your country is more than five days. You can find the country-specific delivery times on the post's website .

We send the buns as fresh as we get them, usually baked the same day! The BEST BEFORE/LAST SELL DATE (not the same as the use by date) date of the bread bags is three days away from the baking date, so the bread cannot be delivered completely fresh.

Tuorepu remains edible for quite a long time after the date on the bag, but since this opinion varies between people, think carefully before you decide to order fresh products!

Hand-braided and butter-baked raisin wheat pastry.

wheat flour, water, sugar, raisins (8%), butter (5%), vegetable oil (soybean) and vegetable fat, egg, yeast, milk powder, salt, wheat gluten, cardamom, emulsifiers (E 322 soy lecithin, E 471, E 472e, E 481), aroma, decorative sugar surface treatment agent (E 904) and color (E 160a).

Low-lactose, Preservative-free