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Blå Band Warm Cup Lactose-free Enlarged Chicken Soup 3x20g


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A warm cup of enlarged chicken is a delicious, drinkable soup. Are you thirsty for something good or do you need a boost? Boil water and enjoy a cup at home or at work - indoors or outdoors.

Ingredients: starch (corn and potato), maltodextrin, vegetable fat, salt, chicken, sugar, chicken flavor (contains egg), yeast extract, milk protein, emulsifier (E 451), chives, turmeric, rice flour, rosemary extract.

1. Empty the contents of the bag into a mug.
2. Add 2 dl of boiling water and mix.
3. Mix thoroughly to the bottom. Let it sit for a minute.

The salt content of the product prepared according to the instructions is 0.9%.

Maissitärkkelys, maltodekstriini, palmurasva, suola, perunatärkkelys, kana 4,5 %, sokeri, aromi (sisältää KANANMUNAA), MAITOPROTEIINI, emulgointiaine: E 451, hiivauute, ruohosipuli, kurkuma, riisijauho, hapettumisenestoaine: rosmariiniuute. Voimakassuolainen.